Why Windward and Web Design?

This New Hampshire web design company is owned and operated by Lauren D. Zike, a graphic designer become web developer. Lauren has been designing and coding websites for over 9 years. She has an in-depth knowledge of web site design, user experience, information architecture, search engine optimization, and several programming languages: HTML, PHP, CSS, ColdFusion, JAVA, jQuery, Flash.

But why the name Windward Web Design? The energy usage for the hosting provided by Windward is 100% offset by wind power credits. For the non-nautical among you, windward is a sailing term, refering to the direction of the wind. The leeward side of a vessel or island may be protected and calm, but the windward ship gains tactical advantage and maneuverability, even if the ride may be rougher. And thrown in for good measure, Lauren lives atop a windy hill. Eventually, she plans to combine all these factors: responsible web hosting, a sailboat, and her love of the wind, designing beautiful websites as she travels the world's oceans. In the meantime, she'll be ready to meet you on dry land to discuss your next web project.

Satisfied Customers:

"I just wanted to say thank you for the great work you did for us during the time your services were being utilized. You did a great job of not only transferring our thoughts into reality, but putting up with us overall! You do good work and we appreciate it."
- Garland Woodard, Director, Web Strategy: Sallie Mae, Inc.

"Thanks again...I realize you are extremely busy and truly appreciate your prompt response to all of my requests. You make it feel like I'm your only client and I know you give the same service to all of us."
- Jim Macri, Partner: Tennessee Land and Lakes

"Thanks Lauren! I am so PYSCHED about the new site. I think it ROCKS! You did a fabulous job with it! Thank you!"
- Bob Lesperence, Partner: New York Land and Lakes

"Because I think so highly of Lauren, I still hire her to help me with my website even though neither of us are still at our original workplace. She not only understands my personal creative needs, she also adds thoughtful comments that make my website even better in all aspects from appearance to navigation."
- Sandra Salamony, Sky & Telescope Magazine

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